About Us

Advanced Paving and Construction was founded in January, 1991 after several employees of Asphalt Paving Corporation purchased the company from the previous owners, Sid Johnson and Kenneth Nimori.  In June of 2013, the final 6 shareholders in the company sold the business to Bart van der Stappen.  Since its inception, Advanced Paving and Construction enjoyed an excellent reputation for quality workmanship and construction management expertise.


Advanced Paving and Construction has completed a wide variety of heavy and highway construction projects for private, commercial, and government clients.  We have direct mastery of the skills and trades involved in heavy and highway construction; a demonstrated capability to work to engineered specifications, drawings, and requirements.


Our employee standards are exceptionally high; we believe we have the finest work force of any contractor in the region.  Our senior management personnel have many years experience in a large variety of construction disciplines and have led the company to rapid growth and profitable operation for every year since the company was founded.  We insist on frequent and thorough safety and environmental hazard training for our people and we enforce a strict drug testing regimen for all our employees.


In 2013 Bart van der Stappen purchased the assets of Advanced Paving and Construction.  He came to this decision after a very successful career with Kilgore Paving and Maintenance.  Bart was the Operations Manager / Vice President of Construction for Kilgore where he helped manage the rapid growth and success of the company from the first year in 2002 through 2012

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